Essay on The Young Lady Got Along

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She and this young lady got along well at because they both came from similar backgrounds. Her friend had moved to Chesterfield, from California. She also was living with her aunt and had only been living there for a year. She too had been having some trouble fitting in at school. During those teenage years not much is valued other than a cool reputation at school. So one day they decided the drive Nicki’s uncle’s Mercedes Benz to school. They had a fun day and were able to make it back home without it being know that the car had ever left. So the next day they decided to drive the girl’s aunt’s Jaguar to school. They got an even better reaction as they pulled up with the top pulled down. All day long everyone was speaking to them and waving at them. They were very happy with the attention they both received that day. So as they were leaving school that day they decided to gas up the Jaguar and also take it to the carwash, then park it back in the garage. As they were going through the automatic carwash, the friend smacked the side of her aunt’s Jaguar on a yellow pole. They panicked and were not capable of thinking rationally. So the friend had an idea to go to St. Louis to one of her other friend’s house because his uncle worked on cars. There was only one problem, neither of them had ever driven on the freeway and since they were both not from Chesterfield they didn’t really know where they were going. They never made it to the friend’s uncle’s house. Instead they…

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