Theodore Roosevelt And The American War Essay

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The main idea of this book about Theodore Roosevelt and how he was seen by America as a straight shooter and a president that means what he says and gets it done. If you could use one word to describe him its tenacious. He had many characteristics that endeared him to the American people his work ethic, drive, determination, compassion, and an inexhaustible supply of infectious optimism. Let’s not forget courageous, He was the first president fly in a plane, ride in a submarine, own a car, have a telephone, entertain an African American in the White House, win a Nobel Peace Prize, and only president to receive the Medal of Honor. He had risen to his true potential as a political leader through his status as a war hero in Cuba. Serving as a Lieutenant-Colonel of the Rough Riders and given full credit of winning the battle at San Juan Hill, a major turning point in the Spanish-American War. All of these characteristics were displayed during his presidency and are reflected in his conservationism, foreign policy, and domestic policy.
Theodore Roosevelt was a driving force in a new movement known as conservationism. During his presidency, Theodore Roosevelt made conservation was major part of his time in office. At the beginning of the new century, the wilderness and the frontier was disappearing. Animals that had been common were dwindling away towards extinction. Theodore Roosevelt, along with many Americans saw a need to preserve the nation 's natural resources. He wanted to…

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