Theories, Approaches, Legislations, And Responsibilities Essay

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Throughout my assignment, I am going to be exploring the ways in which practitioners in child care settings can influence children by working in partnership with families, multi-agencies and more than one team. I will be covering the key issues when working in partnership, as well as theories, approaches, legislations and how that impacts upon professional practice.
D1: There are many key issues that are important for practitioners, parents and agencies to consider in regards to working in partnership. Some of the will key issues include, confidentiality, Legalisations and polices, sharing and communicating information, team working and respecting and valuing others.
Confidentiality/sharing and communicating: It is important for practitioners and agencies to understand the importance of keeping the information of the child confidential. Information about the child should be kept in a locked filing cabinet or password locked data based. In addition to this, practitioners are advised to respond and share information about individual children, on a need to know basis. For example, if the practitioner has carried out some observations on a particular child and has noticed that they have been having trouble speaking, then the practitioner would go to the supervisor, who would then inform the child’s parents to receive permission for them to contact a Speech Therapist. This outside agency would then be able to support that child and regularly communicate with the school and…

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