Theu.s. Department Of Justice Essay

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According the U.S. Department of Justice “over 4,309 inmates died while in the custody of local jails or state prisons in 2012” (Noonan). And “90% of federal prisoners are non-violent” (Zuckerman). This means drug offenders, larcenist, buglers, and any other non-violent offenders are sent to do hard time with real violent criminals, where they are likely to experience vile tortures, like rape, along with other forms of abuse that could lead to death. Incarcerating so many non-violent offenders is causing our nation’s prisons to overcrowd and potentially turn non-violent offenders into violent ones. Incarcerating non-violent offenders is wrong, and it is a huge reason why our nation’s prisons are so overcrowded today. Some people might think that this problem is not of importance, but if one were to do research on what goes on inside of an overcrowded prison facility, one would see how inhumane it really is. Countless rapes and murders occur in prison systems year around and many of them don’t make it to the public ear. This is because after an individual is sentenced to prison he or she is basically written off by society. A number of people in prison are not innocent, but undeserving of such a cruel punishment like incarceration. “Between 1979 and 2009, the number of prisoners in state and federal facilities increased almost 430 percent; and over half – 53.4 percent – of prisoners in state prisons with a sentence of a year or longer is serving time for a…

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