Thomas Hobbes And The Law Of Nature Essay example

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This essay is solely based on the German philosopher Kant Immanuel and British philosopher Thomas Hobbes in relation to their study on morals. Both philosophers have their own understanding on the topic of morality in which both perceive ideas in their own way. Kant leans toward more of a rationalistic view of morality, emphasizing the mandatory need to ground the prior principle. Meanwhile, Hobbes has taken more of an empirical view of the fact that we ought to do what we believe in is in relation to self interest but both occur in order to take a subjective point. In other words, they viewed the issue of morality from a person-centered approach. Kant believes that there is a specific standard to morality that it is based upon. Morality is said to come from a reason alone, while Thomas believes that the law of nature is what morality is; even though we sometimes act in self-interest in according to our desire. They both have their different input on the basis of morality, but also the distinction between what is right or wrong and good or evil.
In this essay, I will argue to compare the understanding of the different layers of the foundation of morality. Both Kant and Hobbes appose each other in the understanding of human nature and morality. Through this, it can be revealed that the extent to which these are differing in comparison to which is more practical in ordinary life experiences.

One must distinguish between what is right and wrong in comparison to what is good…

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