Tips For A Website On The Job Right And Does The Right Job Essays

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When analyzing a website, there are two main objectives that must be met for a website to be considered usable: It does the job right and does the right job (Carstens, 2015). In other words, the website must easy for users to use and navigate while performing tasks and functions that are useful to the user (Carstens, 2015). In order to determine if the website meets these two goals, users can perform a usability checklist that contain questions under 6 categories (or more depending on the website content): intuitive, design consistency, site efficiency, supportability, engaging, and accuracy (Carstens, 2015). These checklists can be found on the Internet on various websites, such as Dr. Pete (Dr. Pete, 2009) or UserFocus (Travis, 2014). In addition to these checklists, users can perform heuristic evaluations as well. In other words, users can create their own checklist based on what they expect to see on the website or how certain functions should work. However, users should remember that these assessments are based on their perceptions and judgements. Therefore, other users may not share the same opinion of their assessment.
OCC’s Web Design
During the month of November, OCC changed the design of their website. The original website layout was very user-efficient and appealing. The user was not overwhelmed by the website’s appearance and navigation was a breeze. With the new design, there exists some user issues. Being a software programmer and a website…

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