Essay on Toys Are An Integral Part Of Our Childhood

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As a child grows, they are exposed to a society that expects them to conform to the assigned gender roles and stereotypes. This is mainly done in accordance to their choice of games and toys. Toys are an integral part of our childhood. In some ways, it is the one thing that people from all over the world share in common. As children, toys were also a major source of our entertainment and social interaction as everything and anyone present around us were something we could “play with.” However, with the booming population of children and the growth of toy industry, it has resulted in commercialization of childhood. Similarly, toys have been an effective method which has been used for generations to conform children and teach them about society’s gender norms as early as possible. Children, in their early years, are like sponges that absorb everything as they are trying to understand the world around them. The society however binds them into gender categories such as “male” or “female” as son as they are conceived. Likewise, the term “gender” too is socially constructed and it “incorporates all those features that a society associates with [to what] it considers appropriate for being men and women (Sigelman & Rider, 2011).” With this in mind, each child is taught to abide by their gender-role norms along with its stereotypes. A child’s rudimentary recognition of gender starts as early as 3 to 8 months of age since it was found in a study that when given…

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