Traditional and Nontraditional Culture Paper

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Traditional and Nontraditional Culture Paper
PSY 450
Michele Wagner
April 14, 2014

Traditional and nontraditional culture paper
America versus Indian culture
Around the world, there are numerous cultures that are traditional and nontraditional. Traditional cultures are rules, beliefs, values of rural and non-industrialized group in which their practice is very strict and are non-willing for any social change or innovation (Shiraev & Levy, 2010). Nontraditional cultures are grounded on more modern views and are willing for any modification mostly base on technology, science and media (Shiraev & Levy, 2010. Comparing and contrasting American and Indian cultures would facilitate to identify the traditional and
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One of the significant differences in value is the emphasis on the value of family structure. In India, family and family structure is a value that is indicative of the culture. Many families live together jointly, with parents, children and their significant others, and grandchildren all living in the same home (DeFrain and Assay, 2007). Likewise, when there is a joint family structure there is often a patriarchal family structure, where the oldest male relative makes household decisions. While this is not true for all Indian families, it is supported and followed by many. This varies drastically from the value of family in American culture. In American culture, family is valued to a certain extent, with an individual’s immediate family being the most important. Additionally, individual families live on their own and do not share a house with their parents, but instead visit on major holidays and sometimes more frequently. Furthermore, the patriarchal system found within American homes is rare and rapidly diminishing. Another major difference in values is the sense of community. In Indian culture, there is a strong sense of community, with neighbors and family friends looking out for and helping each other. Many individuals are consulted in making any major life decision and a decision is arrived at jointly. For

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