Traditional Classes Vs. Traditional School Essay examples

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The primary difference between learning in a traditional class versus learning in an online setting is that traditional learning you are sitting in front of the professor with other classmates and can get immediate help when needed. If you are online you have to wait until the professor is online and is available, so the communication feedback would be slower. In an online learning the student is complete control of their learning. If the student wants to work ahead they can, they do not have to wait until the professor or facilitator to give them their assignment. Another difference between the two is that being in a traditional classroom you have to walk into a classroom to attend class. In an online setting you are in the comfort of your own home or wherever there is internet connection. Also when going to school online versus traditional school the student can assess their assignment at anytime of the day. Traditional learning you can also participate in school activities and in online you cannot. I would have to say that an online learning is better for individuals that have a busy schedule that would not have time to attend classes. If a person is single and does not have a family then the traditional learning environment is better for them. Also, in a traditional learning environment, the professor might ask the students to do a group project and online you have to work independently. Also, if a person needs that face to face teaching and is a visual learning than…

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