Training Cycle Roles and Responsibilities Essay

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Describe what your roles and responsibilities are at each stage of the training cycle and explain what your boundaries are as a teacher

The training cycle consists of four stages

1. Training need
2. Design/Planning
3. Delivery/Implementation
4. Evaluation

Training need
This is the initial stage of the training process. As a trainer/teacher I would require to identify the needs of the student/class. This would be to ensure that the direction of instruction is specific to their requirements. What is their role. What are they expected to do with the new knowledge. Is it being given at the correct time for their developmental needs.

I would to do this by
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Ensure that I am fully prepared and have correct resources. Consider the student /class so that the pitch of the delivery can be gauged. This can be affected by class size, location and environment in which it is given. I would also have to consider welfare issues. I would ensure that the student/class feel free to engage in the lesson and contribute their ideas. I would not put pressure on them to give answers/thoughts. Make sure that if the pause and pounce method is used it is done with the correct timing to encourage response and not close the student down. Consider cultural differences. For instance some cultural etiquette would preclude male to female approach, gaining eye contact although good to establish rapport to some might seem a challenge or threat to others.

Evaluation would allow me to identify that the lesson has been learned. Have the aims and objectives been met. Can or is the student/class able to transpose this new knowledge into their workplace or role. I would evaluate this by use of tests, exams, knowledge checks and feedback. This would highlight any further training need which in turn would be fed back into the training cycle. This aids me and also those who have initiated the training to establish, has it met the training aims/objectives (training needs). Can the design/delivery be improved. Is it cost effective. Was it effective.

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