Tupac Shakur 's `` Keep Ya Head Up `` Essay

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Women nowadays are still being neglected, disrespected, and counted out of things as if men were to be superior to women. Tupac Shakur does not agree with that’s assumption of men and society. In the song “Keep Ya Head Up,” Tupac Shakur talks about women being neglected by men and society. Women around the world are being neglected by men, also many women in the black community are being mistreated, raped, and neglected by men because men do not show respect to women they act as if women have no rights. The society also neglects women by saying women cannot do certain things all because they are women, which are why they cannot do the job because men are the only one that can do the job. In the song “Keep Ya Head Up” one of Tupac’s verse says: “and when he tells you you ain’t nuttin’ don’t believe him and if he can’t learn to love you you should leave him cause sista you don’t need him.” (Lines#10-12) In the quote above Tupac is telling the black women out there in the world what to do when being neglected by their men and that they should him because he is not worth it. Tupac is also talking to the other women around the world who are having the same problems and that they should do what he says because being neglected by their men is not worth it, and so he says “cause sista you don’t need him.”
The society has been neglecting women throughout history, World War 1 for example, women could not work during those times because the jobs are for men only apparently society…

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