Types Of Social Media And Trends Essay

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Social media is a trending that is quickly growing in the world. Almost every single person has a social media account, whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or anything else. Facebook has seen a fast increase in subscribers since 2004 increasing from one million to 1.15 billion subscribers today (Growth). On a day-to-day basis the average American spends between 15-30mins of every hour on a social media network (Growth). For those who don’t know social media is a form of communication where users/subscribers to those outlets can create a profile, exchange important information, and share there ideas all through the internet. For example, Instagram allows users to post pictures and share it to Facebook, and Twitter for all to see. Twitter allows you to express what you feel or what is happening in you life within seconds reaching an almost unlimited amount of people. Whether you like it or not it is safe to say that social media is all around us toady.

Types of Social Media and Trends

Currently there are six different types of social media with the most popular category being social networks. Social networks are websites, networks or services that allows users to connect with other people, friends, strangers or family. Included on these social networks are your personal information such as date of birth, country, high school you graduated from, college/university attended, and family information as well. Facebook ask its users to…

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