U.s. Government And Public Opinion Essay

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Although American society is drastically changing every day, one aspect of American culture continues to provide the U.S. government with vital information about U.S. officials, particularly public opinion. Public opinion “consists of the views held by the population of a state that influence those in power” (SparkNotes Editors). According to Willam Biano and David Cano in American Politics Today, public opinion matters for three reasons:
(1) citizens’ political actions are driven by their opinions, (2) public opinion helps explain the behavior of candidates, political parties, and other political actors; politicians look to public opinion to determine what citizens want them to do, (3) public opinion can also shed light on the reasons for specific policy outcomes (Biano & Canon, 2011).
According to a recent Gallup poll that was reported on by NPR writer Mark Memmot, the public opinion of former President George W. Bush has become positive. After leaving office in 2009, only one-third of Americans had a positive opinion of Bush, but Americans have become more accepting of the former president. While it may seem puzzling, at first glance, his growing popularity could most likely be due to current President Barack Obama’s decline in popularity. Meanwhile, President Obama’s approval rate is continuing to decline. As of June, Bush’s approval rate has even become higher than President Obama, climbing above 50% (Agiesta). “While it 's dropped since April, going from a…

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