U.s. Organization Structure Analysis Essay

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The U.S. Organization Structure SoftMagic U.S. organization structure seemed “mechanistic” (Robbins & Judge, 2009, p. 219), with decisions centralized in Italy. During a conversation with the Italian CEO, it became clear that SoftMagic organization structure in U.S. consisted of a U.S. CEO performing several roles including: (a) business development, (b) solutions development, (c) marketing, (d) administration, and (e) supporting sales opportunities. Similarly, there was a sales representative based out of California, and one project manager from Italy temporarily moved to Minneapolis supporting the TO, and supporting any new potential customers. Additionally, although the organization recently hired a local senior developer to support the creation of demos, proof of concepts, and other activities; it is not clear what the human resource development and management approach is. Likewise, mechanistic organizations exhibit small flow of information, and centralized decision-making (p. 219). Consequently, with limited understanding of the environment developed by the Italian leadership team, and most of the decision-making process centralized in Italy, there seems to be room for a different organization structure. The issue becomes the degree of power and control the U.S. CEO may leverage, and how to navigate a culturally different and challenging environment.
Power and Control
From a power and control stance (Hatch & Cunliffe, 2006), the SoftMagic leaders attempted to…

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