Uncle Tom’s Cabin: a Feminist Novel Essay

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In response to the fugitive slave act of 1850, Stowe wrote Uncle Tom Cabin denouncing the rule that forbids helping or sheltering those fugitive. As a matter of fact, the central objective from writing this book is that to shed the light on the evil of slavery in north, so that may wake people up to react against this cruel matter. Astonishingly, the book was one of the factors that triggers the civil war between North and South to free the slaves. Beside to this central target of the book, it is considered as a feminist novel as well, yet it is written before the widespread growth of the women’s rights movement in the late of 18th century. Actually, there are some people, however, claim that this novel is not a feminist novel because as …show more content…
When Eliza decided to run away because Mr.Shelpy was compelled to sell her son, she went to Uncle Tom’s cabin to tell him that Mr.Shelpy sold him too. His reaction was totally passive and refused to run away searching for the freedom.Rather, he said " No, no I an’t going. Let Eliza go.....let me be sold....I never have broke trust, nor used my pass noways contrary to my word......" ( Stowe 37 ). Then, every one of them chose his path, and Eliza proceeded her journey despite of the difficulties ,and finally she met her husband while she was in the quacker’s house till they got their freedom at the end. As for Uncle Tom, he still keeps serving a house after another till he falls a prey to Legree, a very bad master, and died on his behalf. Now the question that may come to the reader’s mind is that why the writer made Eliza, yet she is a woman, the one who seeks for freedom and won at the end while the author could reverse the positions between Tom and Eliza and make Tom is the one active and positive. that is rendered for purpose, she wanted to reveal the woman with an attitude that not every man has. She wanted to proclaim that women can do what beyond other’s expectation. She intended to say that sometimes, women can reach to what men cannot. Simply, Eliza embodied the gallant woman who made the impossible being possible.In adition,being a

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