Universal Feminism : The Necessity For Global Representation Essay

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Universal Feminism: The Necessity for Global Representation In many ways, the deepest question that many feminists debate throughout the world boils down to whether or not feminism can represent all women universally. While the notion of universal feminism seems glorious on its surface, it runs into central problems concerning other ethnicities. The most obvious would be Islamic women who choose to wear the Burka. Some feminists consider the Burka a sign of oppression by patriarchal hegemonic structures that seek to oppress women; while practicing Islamic women believe in the sanctity of choosing to wear the Burka in accordance with their religion. However, the complications in negotiating universal feminism should segregate or discriminate against women because ethnicity or creed. Rather, universal feminism seeks to establish a common ground that all women can engage with the world through an understanding of the predicament that all women face. Discourse on universal feminism should include all intersections that articulate the feminine identity, and should ultimately understand the end goal of feminism must establish equality across the world, rather than within individual cultures. Critics of universal feminism undermine the overall project that feminism forged its foundation by arguing that somehow the theory has not evolved since its inception. Many critics would lament “when feminists appeal to notions of equality and liberty… they do standardly get accused of…

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