Us Mandatory Paid Vacation : An Essential Tool For Employees And Employers

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US mandatory Paid Vacation: an essential tool for both employees and employers

Workers in the U.S. should receive more paid vacation time that should be sanctioned by the federal government, and while on vacation, employees should (or should not) be expected to respond to employer questions by email, phone, or text, with (or without) additional or overtime compensation.

The paid vacation time is granted by employers to workers for a certain period of time usually sanctioned by the country or the organization. This grant mainly depends on the policies set by employer varying in number of days. The paid vacation carries a lot of importance for employees as they mostly utilize this period of time in family engagements and other priorities other than work. In the United States the federal government does not sanctioned paid vacation as a result there is not any culture of paid leaves prevalent in the country. The employers make their own work load schedule for employee and do not feel any compulsion in granting paid vacation to them (Ludden). The paid vacation are also beneficial for employers as they can get better results from the employees coming back from vacation. Likewise, the continuous work stress may cause severe mental and physical health implications. The workers in United States should be granted more paid vacation time sanctioned by the federal government and while on vacation, workers should not be expected to respond to employer questions by phone, email, or…

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