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Virginia Department of Transportation Case Study A high-performance business or body, time after time, attains excellence whilst fashioning a first-rate work atmosphere (Schermerhorn, 2010). The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) was once considered a premier transportation department, but over the years their reputation had become damaged due to budget overruns and a public perception that VDOT could not do its job. When Mark Warner was elected governor of Virginia in 2001, he wanted a new commissioner for VDOT that had private sector experience to turn VDOT around. His search led him to appoint Philip Shucet, a transportation engineer with both public and
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Unfortunately, VDOT did not have the answers (Darden, 2005). Economic conditions were negatively impacting VDOT. They did not have the current or projected revenue to complete the projects within the six-year plan. Their estimates were based on expected population growth in Virginia as well as expected growth in tax revenue that the population increase would generate. When the projections fell short it resulted in VDOT’s projects not being fully funded. The political conditions created a sense of tension among VDOT and the many political bodies that had influence over it. In addition, local politicians were publicly criticizing their own transportation department, demeaning the organization in the eyes of its most critical stakeholder, the taxpayers of Virginia.
Based on the environmental analysis, one short-term goal for VDOT would be to decrease the political impact on the organization. Governor Warner accomplished this goal by appointing Shucet and then leaving him alone. In an interview, Shucet said that in the three years since becoming commissioner, the governor had called him “about six times” (Bacon, 2004, n.p.). This allowed VDOT to plan for the long-term and not just to meet a political agenda. Another short-term goal would be to make VDOT more transparent to the public. Shucet did this by creating a website showing the status and cost of all of the VDOT’s

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