Video Games Addiction And Social Responsibility Essay

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Video Games Addiction
Antonius J. Van Rooij, Gert-Jan Meerkerk, Tim M. Schoenmakers, Mark Griffiths and Dike Van De Mheen they authored the article " Video Games addiction and social responsibility " in how gamers get addicted to video games and how the companies should be responsible about the effects which is important to not change the gamers behavior. The article has been received on the 2nd of July 2009 and it has been accepted on the 7th of July the same year. Later on, in October 2010 this article was published in Informa Healthcare, Addiction Research and Theory. Rooji, Meerkerk, Schoenmakers, Mheen they studied at the Netherlands University in Heemraadssingel 194, 3012 DM Rotterdam and they had been employed as a researchers at the IVO. Additionally, Mheen graduated from Erasmus University, Medical Center in Rotterdam 3015 GE at the same country. Griffiths 's is a professor of psychology division studies at Nottingham Trent University at UK, Burton St, NG1 4BU.
According to the authors in their article " Video Games addiction and social responsibility " they talked about the gamers and their addiction with video games or online games, which effect in their life, school and job. Online games are similar to gambling and alcohol on getting addicted to the thing as what the authors talked about in the article. Also, online games might impact on their behavior. In addition, they talked about the games companies that they should worn the customers about the overuse of…

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