Virginia Woolf 's Writer And The Feminists Essay

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Virginia Woolf, a Writer to the Feminists
The late nineteenth century and early twentieth century was an important time in history for women this era was so important because at this time women started questioning what they were meant to do. Women no longer thought they were meant to take care of their husbands. Women wanted rights, wanted equality. Many women outright fought. And then there were women who were subtle, women who wrote books, books about temptation, and exploration of gender, and sexuality. Books that didn’t conform to the heteronomity of the time.
In the early twentieth century there was a writer by the name of Adeline Virginia Woolf, 1882- 1941. Being born one of the children of Julia Jackson Duckworth, family to the Duckworth publishing, and Sir Leslie Stephen, “a critic, philosopher, biographer, and scholar” (Norton, 2143). This left Woolf able to educate herself in her father’s library, comparing her education to other women at the time she was lucky to be able to earn an education the way she had.
After the death of both her parents she moved away with her siblings, where she began to learn more and more about sexuality, and gender. Woolf herself was bisexual, and nearly thirteen years after marrying her husband, Leonard Woolf, she realized she was madly in love with a woman her name was Victoria Sackville-West.
Unfortunately Woolf’s severe depression, caused by sexual assault at the hands of her older half-brother, and several family death’s as a…

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