Vision Paper

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Week Five Assignment
Vision Paper
Nathaniel Gardner
Managing Organizational Change
Keller Graduate School of Management

The vision statement of a company states where the company would like to go in the future. The mission statement defines to the internal and external customers of the company what the business does for whom and why it exists. The strategy statement of a firm sets the firm’s long-term strategic direction and broad policy directions. It gives the firm a clear sense of direction and a blueprint for the firm’s activities for the upcoming years (Management study guide, 2012). A good strategy statement includes the Strategic Intent, Mission Statement, Vision and Goals/Objectives. Statements
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The company also acquire Infineon's GaAs business in Munich and enter partnership agreement to develop and produce highly integrated RF, components and modules for customized wireless system solutions. Ralph Quinsey became the President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of TriQuint's Board of Directors Ralph restructured the company into four business units and focused on high-volume handsets, high performance military devices, simplified connectivity networks and new technology development foundry. In 2005 TFR Technologies in Bend, Oregon was acquired adding bulk acoustic wave (BAW) expertise to the corporation's technology arsenal. In 2007 Peak Devices was acquired, 2008 WJ Communications and 2009 TriAccess Technologies all became part of TriQuint Semiconductor team [ (TriQuint Semiconductor, 2012) ].
Strategy Statement
Strategy Intent. The strategy Intent is to give guidance to the process of competing in the present and in the future setting the vision, the mission and the goals/objective of the business. We will fully utilize our “resource potential and core competencies to achieve what at first may seem to be unachievable goals in the competitive environment” [ (Management study guide, 2012) ].
Vision Statement.
TriQuint Semiconductors will connect the world one chip at a time by becoming the industry’s first

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