Visual Analysis Paper FINAL

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Karen Ibrahim
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Joel Hollander
Visual Analysis Paper The Dark Age of Greece refers to a period of time where all knowledge of Mycenae construction, painting, sculpture, reading and writing disintegrated due to Dorian invasion. One form of art that continued through the period of the Mycenaean downfall was the art of pottery. Pottery, more specifically vase painting, was the beginning of an illustrative development in Greek art and was considered a durable form of art because it ensured the survival of artifacts for long periods of time unlike other forms of art. The emergence of independent city-states within Greece took place around the 8th century, which in turn led to the formation of colonies to facilitate trade
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The major areas of the body are now used to show narrative and the geometric ornaments are left to the peripheral areas and carved into the handles. The human silhouettes on the neck of the vase become a bit more detailed as now they are showing a chest and calf muscles and illustrate movement. The neck is portraying the mythical story of Odysseus blinding the one eyed Cyclops and the body shows another narrative of Perseus fleeing Gorgons after beheading medusa. Now we see humans, animals, and monsters all on one vase. Also, you start to notice a darker hue being used rather than the light beige colors used in the geometric vases. Advanced human characteristics begin to be drawn with the example of this deep, wide-mouthed Skyphos shown on the left whose function is being a wine vessel used for drinking. This piece still shows many of the characteristics of geometric art such as lines/bands, triangle shapes on the base, and equal spacing; however, within the register you see the change from geometric silhouette art, and to Orientalizing two dimensional figures. There is a bird-like figure with a human head which in my opinion could have originated from the mythical creature known as the siren but the gender is not eminent. However, you do see the figure has a nose, eyes, a mouth and even hair. Although the figure itself is less realistically

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