Volunteering A Better Insight Into Who I Am And What I Do Essay example

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In order to get a better insight into who I am and what I do, there are a few things that I find important to me, and a few other reasons as to why I am applying for this grant. The main one of which, is volunteering. I not only find volunteering fun, but I have had a variety of experiences, from volunteering for a large for-profit or non-profit organization, or for local purposes which has expanded my view of volunteering. I was in a variety of clubs in high school as well, from academic, to music related. Even outside of those, I have been involved in martial arts for a few years, and a general reason for why I am applying is based on my financial need. Starting with volunteering, I began volunteering in middle school mainly for soup kitchens related to my church. At that point I was experimenting with my interests, and I didn’t know much about volunteering but I decided to give it a try. Later on in high school, around my Freshman year I became involved in Culinary Arts. In my Sophomore year I began to volunteer more in Foods related areas like helping out with Parent Teacher Conferences and 8th Grade Orientation. Later in my Junior year I realized that Culinary Arts would not be something I would pursue in my future, but it was a skill that I had, and I was still willing to help out so I became a Teacher Assistant for a semester. I continued helping with events all throughout my Junior and Senior years even though I was no longer in Culinary Arts classes. That kind of…

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