Essay about Vygotsky 's Theory Of Psychology

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Lev S. Vygotsky (1896-1934) attended Moscow University and graduated with a degree in Law. While in school he also studied various subjects such as philosophy, psychology, literature and art (Galant, n.d.). He began his psychology career as a teacher where he founded a psychology lab in 1917. Mr. Vygotsky wrote six books including The Psychology of Art, Pedagogical Psychology, and Thought and Language. Most of his writings were published after his death at the young age of 37 from tuberculosis. His main work, Thought and Language, was translated to English in 1962 and began to have a major impact on psychological research and other fields including education (Eddy, 2010). According to Vygotsky “the one’s development is a result of his own culture and development refers mental development including thought, language and reasoning process” (Neff, n.d.). He believed that children learned to use mental tools shaped from their environment, and become masters of their own behavior (Vygotskian Approach, n.d.), and that parents, caregivers and even peers were responsible for learning and teaching a child who is learning and developing the higher order functions (Lefrancois, 2012).
The basic principles of Vygotsky’s theory is that children are born with the basic biological factors of attention, sensation, perception and memory (McLeod, 2014). In the early months of life and that these mental abilities develop through interaction with the world (Doolittle, 1997). These early…

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