Walmart 's Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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1. The two highlights of Walmart’s corporate social responsibility are Walmart donated to charities and non-profit organizations which helped the people in need and secondly Walmart helped local farmers stay in business by selling locally grown products at their store. Walmart donated over $185 million dollars in 2012 which assisted Canadian families in need. Out of the $185 million donated, Walmart raised $14.2 million and donated $170.8 million themselves. Walmart’s money was used to treat sick children, feed children through the help of Breakfast Club of Canada, and helped to pay for medicine which was required throughout treatments. The second highlight of Walmart’s corporate social responsibility is that Walmart buys and sells products which are grown at local farms. This is a highlight because Walmart is helping to keep local farmers in business rather than the farmers selling their land for other use and begin working elsewhere. Walmart also promotes the local foods which they buy and sell on TV, which ultimately keeps the farmers to grow more and Walmart to make their profits. Two points which show Walmart’s lack of Corporate Social Responsibility are how Walmart states that they will look after the environment but in reality they do not show any form of care towards the environment, and secondly Walmart states that women are given equal rights at their retail stores, but in reality both men and women are still being categorized. Walmart states in their corporate…

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