War Between Vietnam And Vietnam Essay

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The people of the United States on going to war with Vietnam had a variety of responses. Even after we entered the war, the President himself and his advisors expressed opinions of disapproval to sending troops to Vietnam. Lyndon B Johnson stated, “I don’t think it’s worth fighting for and I don’t think we an get out” (Roark et al 885). However, he made the decision to deploy troops to fight against the communism problem that was so relevant. He was making an effort to protect the reputation the U.S. had acquired from the previous wars we had been through. The majority of people were fearful of our decision to take action against Vietnam. The draft was a major concern with the law requiring teenagers to go and fight in Vietnam. They may have been supportive of the idea to stop the spreading of communism, but once we entered war things only escalated. “In February 1965, Johnson authorized Operation Rolling Thunder, a strategy of gradually intensified bombing of North Vietnam” (Roark et al 885). Over time we just sent more soldiers to Vietnam and changed our military agenda from defensive to offensive. The government tried to not worry Americans regardless of how significant these decisions were. With the President claiming that the United States was a powerful force it encouraged the American people to support our involvement in Vietnam, to give people some faith changing their perspective on the subject. Unfortunately, our unsuccessful attempts to get the government under…

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