Ways of Learning in Psychology Essay

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Psych 111

Ways of Learning in Psychology

In life the only way to get by, is to learn. You begin to learn from the moment you are born, to the day that you die. There are different ways and methods that you can learn things. You can learn things consciously, or unconsciously. There are three ways of learning and those are operant conditioning, classical conditioning, and social learning. Each one is different. In operant conditioning a certain behavior can be reinforced or punished. Either or can be negative or positive. Classical conditioning is a learning process that happens when there are two stimuli present and they are repeatedly paired. The goal is to elicit the same response from the second stimulus by pairing it with
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The sound of thunder is also an unconditioned stimulus because it also elicits an unconditioned response, which is fear. When those to stimuli were paired, the lightning became a conditioned stimulus because whenever I see the lightning, a conditioned response occurs. The conditioned response that occurs is that I get scared and I anticipate the sound of thunder. The time it took for the neutral stimulus to evoke the conditioned response is called acquisition. The lightning used to be a neutral stimulus, but because of the classical conditioning that occurred, it is no longer neutral. Now, whenever a bright light flashes I always assume that thunder is going to follow it. This is called generalization.

An instance in which I learned something socially would be when I was learning to drive a car with a standard transmission. My dad had taught me before I got my licence but I didn't really have the hang of it. Once my friends had their licence’s and were driving standard cars, I would watch them drive. I found myself learning from their examples and the next time I was in a vehicle which was standard, I was able to mirror there movements and drive with minimal mistakes. This is an example of social learning because I learned how to drive standard through observational learning. I watched other people do the same thing that I was trying to learn, and I was able to learn that way. I was able to copy their movements of driving the

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