What Are Dating Game? Essay

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The “Dating Game” was a game show where an individual was allowed to ask a series of questions to three potential dates. The person asking the questions could not see his/her potential dates. Their final selection was based solely on how the questions were answered and not what they could see. The “Dating Game” concept is a good basis for the interview process used to select the right people when hiring a new employee. Interviews should be conducted with appropriate questions asked to assess qualifications and skills. A person’s gender, color, creed, or religious orientation cannot (should not) be considered when making a new hire. A successful business must be based on individuals that were employeed based on the merit of their qualifications while embracing cultural, ethnical, religious and gender differences with tolerance and understanding. America has been labeled the melting pot because of its people groups from all walks of life that share the search for the American Dream. The United States of America is founded on its diversity and the freedoms to be different. The differences from person to person are seemingly innumeral but one basic human need that all individuals share is the desire to be treated fairly and equally. Webster’s dictionary defines “Diversity” as the state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization.” In the marketplace today, technology has driven business to become global so diversity is…

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