What Can I Do? Essay

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Nurses are on the frontlines of healthcare delivery and they carry a responsibility for providing care to clients in the most ethical way possible. It is vital for all nurses to possess ethical knowledge so they may conduct their actions appropriately, diffuse tense situations, and give safe and efficient care in today 's changing world. In practical care, the question to answer is: “What can I do?” The answer lies in the context of ethical principles. Ethical care seeks the best way to provide care by using the best nursing function.
Nurses are responsible for their clinical function, and their main responsibility is to provide care to clients who deserve appropriate and safe care. Nurses act based on the values they have selected. These values form a framework to evaluate the activities that influence their goals, strategies, and functions. Standards of practice can be utilized as a resource for nurses’ conduct toward clinical-ethical competency and their confrontation with contemporary ethical concerns. Values set the priorities in human life, and in turn, form the world we live in. Values act as one of the most basic parts of human life. Ethical values are inseparable components of a society and, as a result, the nursing profession.
“Ethical principles are standards of what is right or wrong with regard to important social values and norms” (Wissman , 2010, p. 16). The basic code of ethics and principles continues to remain constant in an ever-changing world. These…

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