What Did Team Teaching Math And Science Concepts Improve Daily Work Grades?

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Hypothesis: Seventh grade science students will have higher achievement when taught using a team teaching strategy than when taught under the single-instructor strategy.

Research Question: Will seventh grade science students have higher achievement when taught using a team teaching strategy?
Sub questions
1. How did team teaching math and science concepts impact student test scores?
2. To what extent did team teaching math and science concepts improve daily work grades?
Subjects The subjects of this study are seventh grade students in a convenience sample from the researcher’s classroom. The students are the lowest achieving mathematically within their seventh grade class. The sample size will consist of approximately 14 students, consisting of one class. The number of male and female students is currently unavailable but expected to be eight male and six female. The students will come from a range of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.
The researcher’s school is a small school in northwest Iowa that is in a whole-grade sharing agreement. There are two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school in the researcher’s school district. The two elementary schools combine when the students enter sixth grade. At the time of the study, the researcher’s school will serve students in grades 6-8. There are approximately 150 students in the school, with 49% males and 51% males. Of the students, approximately 96% of the population is white and…

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