What I Choose Your Own Responsibility Bear Essay

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One of the five core value’s I chose is autonomy, which means to act independent with a few constraints, and self-reliance. I would consider myself autonomous in the sense that I have full control of what I choose to do. Since starting college I have taken a substantial leap to adulthood and greater accountability and control over myself and what I chose to do has become my own responsibility bear. I can choose whether to do my assignments or not, whether to attend class or not, or whether I should study for my management skills exam, or not (I will study). Unlike high school where attending classes is mandatory and when to have lunch or leave to go home is fixed, and dictated by parents, teachers, and the school as a whole; there is not much sense of autonomy. Being autonomous has given me a great sense of responsibility and has helped me shape my life they I want it to be. One of the ways being autonomous has influenced my life is when I decided to live independently instead of at home (though it’s nice to live at home), the reason for doing so being closer to school and less commuting. Physical fitness is also one of my core values being in shape through physical activity and eating healthy. As a college student it’s easy to become stressed and anxious over project due dates and exams. Physical fitness is and keeping your body in good physical shape can minimize stress and anxiousness. Physical fitness has influenced my life by keeping myself motivated and focused…

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