What I Learned About Psychology Essays

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Psychology is something that has always been interesting to me. While taking this class I learned thing about myself that I never knew and what they meant. The timelines that we did really helped me reflect on myself and where my goals in life were and where I was going in life. This has helped me to look at things a little bit deeper as I am now expecting my first child and what I may see in her as she grows. The theories that I was able to learn about in chapters 5 and 6 have helped me to know things that are good and bad to use in the classroom and with the students. It taught me that students will respond in different ways to the task at hand and that it is ok for them all to be different because they may fall under a different theory. I learned some valuable things that will carry over into my classroom like information that makes sense is easier to learn than nonsense. This has taught me that what I teach to my students has to make sense so that they are able to learn it. The brain is an amazing thing and there is so much that we can learn from it.
I really enjoyed the “A Day in the Life Presentation” this gave me an opportunity to explore the disability that the child I am a one on one aide for at school has. This was the Williams Syndrome it was something that I had never heard of before. I know a little about it just from working with the child and what her parents have told me. I was able to really look into what it all entails and that has helped me to know how I…

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