What Is Relationship Between An Apple And Technology? Essay

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Steve Jobs

What is the relationship between an apple and technology? You might have already questioned once you`ve seen Apple`s products. Jobs`s friend had an apple farm, seeing that apple farm made Jobs remember Newton`s story and relate that to his companies logo. As a matter of fact Apple`s logo used to be Newton sitting under an apple tree, but by the time he figured that it`s too detailed and tiny. Jobs had asked his friend to adjust Apple`s logo and his friend changed it to a bitten apple. To make it clear a bitten apple is a metaphor for the Eden Garden. Jobs was always a distinctive manager that what we can respond from Apple`s common slogan “Think different”. In fact, Apple company always thinks out of the box and it`s usually unique with it`s products. Such companies will not progress and success without a great manager. Steve Jobs made a considerable legacy in this world because his creative thinking, strong aggressiveness, and appreciable contribution. Steve Jobs was always a creative thinker. People were always amused by his contemplation and intellectuality. In his early life he didn’t make what everyone was asked to design without having a better idea to develop. According to Steve Jobs speech in Washington, D.C to be ingenious your experience must be dissimilar from other people. Indeed, Jobs life was eventful and unique he had dropped out from collage when he didn’t know what to do in his life. As what he mentioned in Stanford, 2005 it was the best…

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