What Is School Culture? Essay example

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What is school culture? Edglossary.org 2014, defines it as beliefs, perceptions, relationships, attitudes, and written and unwritten rules that shape and influence every aspect of how a school functions. School culture is a vital component of what makes you school tick. If you have a bad school culture you will deal with problems that are self-inflicted by the school. However, a positive school culture can lead to easier resolve with conflicts throughout your school’s dynamic. What is my school culture? My school culture would encompass a safe, student focused, community involved, career and college ready environment for my students and my staff to reach their potential. Throughout this paper we will look more in-depth at what these four things mean to me, how I will go about implementing them in the school, and what problems may arise in trying to do so.
How do we make a school building not only appear safe, but actual be safe? The first step is having a robust school safety plan. Saferschools.ohio.gov states the following items a school must have in a safety plan, it must cover the following: emergency/crisis report form, evacuation procedures, disorderly conduct emergency procedures, health and medical emergency procedures, natural disaster emergency procedures, utility emergency procedures, an emergency contact information sheet, a floor plan of your school, and a site plan of your school and surrounding areas. By doing this you are able to share your plan with the…

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