What Makes A Business Successful? Essay

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What makes a business successful? Many businesses fail in the first couple of years because they can 't seem to tap into the well of knowledge. You can build a business with just about anything, but it takes those small things such as nails to keep everything intact. Teach train, a private institution in Colbert has been in business since 2005 under the ownership of Donna Jordan. Child care centers are more popular in today’s society than when I was growing up 24 years ago. In order to keep a business live and running the little things like human resources, technology, and family partnerships, and play a big role in the 10 year success of this business.
In today’s times hiring and retaining skilled and talented employees seems like a daunting task. How does one find the best talents for their open positions within the company? Workers are a company’s biggest asset and if they aren’t retained or trained properly they can easily become a liability. Human resource management is the policies, practices, and systems that influence employees’: behavior attitudes, performance. () there are Four Main Functions of an HR Departments, these functions include: Recruitment, Selection, Training, Retaining. Since the hr department has so many sentimental functions for the success of a child care center… an effective HR representative has great communication skills
There has been a growth in the number of children attending a center, there is also a growing number of quality teachers…

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