What Makes A Business? Essay

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A place, product or a service can represent a brand. The key lies in trusting that place, product or service. As humans are rational and cannot complete every task themselves, they require service or others to fulfill their needs and desires. And for this dependency, each of us, the consumers, looks out in the market place for someone or something that we can trust. A consumer trusts them the most who values what is valued by the consumer and who is driven by what drives a consumer. If the product or service can be found, a consumer can trust them. While searching for this someone or something, a consumer is trying to search for an image that represents their own ideology or beliefs so that the consumer can relate to it more closely. When a consumer sees a symbol, an image, or an array of expressions that point to things that the consumer’s values, it becomes an image for that brand.
Branding is the selection of these words, and symbols to reflect what a customer values the most. It empowers people in visualizing what a company is by the expression of company’s image. Branding does not define the greatness of any company, product or a service; branding is only a way to finding what the company finds great and then moving towards that goal. Branding is no more about selling stuff, it is how a company or a product relates more closely to the consumers. This is the precise thought of Professor Phillip Kotler for marketing 3.0. The brands’ symbol, images, and expressions…

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