What Would A Classroom For Young Children Look Like That Promotes An Appropriate Environment For Creative Activities?

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Question 2: “What would a classroom for young children look like that promotes an appropriate environment for creative activities?

When walking into an early childhood classroom, one would hopefully see a classroom that is divided into different subject areas and play areas, such as; the science area, the math area, the language area, the block area, the dramatic play area and an art area. All of the different areas of a classroom should be used in a way that children can use the tools and materials to think creatively and have a way that they should be able to express themselves. Children are unique individuals who are interested in learning about the world around them and should be able to let their creative ideas flow without the fear of being told no by their teachers. So, in order for a child to be creative inside of the classroom, what must the classroom look like in order to achieve this goal?

First and foremost, the art area is usually what comes to mind. Children are able to express themselves in the art area in a multitude of ways, such as; coloring with crayons, markers, or chalk, being able to paint at an easel or at a table, and even by making a simple collage that consists of cutting up scrap paper and gluing it onto something else. Though a few examples are listed, there are literally thousands of ways that a child can be engaged in a creative activity while exploring the art area. The art area needs to be inviting, allow personal space for and is…

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