`` Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Essay

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The Unloved Teens
The ironically Arnold in the short story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Is can be an interpretation of all the devil in society. This can reflect on the characters and the cause of events in the story. Arnold friend can insinuates and attempting to pursue Connie that Arnold is her lover. The title can create expectation about the text of the story. The title can suggest an interpretation violence to women. The central theme in the story it can be the from unloved teens. The attitude can expressed in the story towards violent to women. The symbols of the story and images can descriptive details in the text that suggest the theme.”But I promise it wont last long” (Oates 140).This words express the enslavement within a conventional male-dominated sexual relationship.
Connie can be the main character in the story. Arnold can be the interpret a dominant violent man. Connie family could not help to much at her. She do things that required correct and parents do not correct her. Why the story do not says to much of Connie family? They can not be important? The fact that Connie can recognized the sensual music being broadcast on radio as being the same as that emanating from her own in the house provides another strong clue to his real nature. Arnold can present to her like a “Friend” The structure of this came from suspense. The music of Arnold car could be the same of her. The actions of Arnold can convinced Connie to go with him. The friend…

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