Which Drug Would You Choose? Essay

1772 Words Oct 7th, 2015 null Page
Which Drug Would You Choose? I did not know what Alzheimer’s disease was until I spent extended time with my great aunt Vickie. I was visiting her during a family vacation and over a few hours she kept repeating herself to me, asking the same question over and over. I asked my mother why Aunt Vickie was unable to remember my name and who I was. My mother explained to me that, at 89, the elderly start to lose their memory. She explained it as, “when people get older they start to lose their memory, it is not something to worry about.” Well, it is something to worry about as my Aunt Vickie died from Alzheimer’s, a disease that effects the brain. Since my Aunt’s death, my mom researched the disease and decided to get involved with the Alzheimer’s Association. My mom asked me to help her and I was happy to get involved. I quickly learned that this disease doesn’t effect just the elderly, but that it is the costliest disease and most important, there is no cure. Can you imagine losing memory of your loved ones and family? Our lives are made up of memories that we have created and shared. Alzheimer’s is a disease that effects memory and eventually our entire brain. The worst part is, there is no cure. There are only drugs or treatments that can help slow down the process. Knowing which drug or treatment is effective in actually helping slow down the process is the big question everyone keeps asking. Researching about this topic has brought up major concerns: there really…

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