Essay on White Noise : Text And Criticism

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DeLillo, Don, and Mark Osteen. White Noise: Text and Criticism. New York, NY: Penguin Books, 1998. Print.

This criticism contains the complete text of White Noise along with several critics’ opinions on the novel at the end. Critics such as John Frow, John Duvall, and Albert Mobillo address the diction, themes, and metaphysics throughout White Nosie. The book also includes Tom LeClair’s interview with DeLillo, which provides valuable information as DeLillo explains his thinking while writing the novel and the major themes he is trying to convey. Their intellectual discussion analyzes the novel in-depth chapter by chapter allowing readers to gain a better understanding of the novel and the themes DeLillo is trying to present. This book will serve as a reliable resource when discussing formalism throughout DeLillo’s novel because it offers an abundant amount of information regarding the themes and major ideas. In addition, the chapter discussing the marketplace throughout DeLillo’s novel will serve as useful information when considering Marxism and the symbolism of products throughout the story. This source aids in understanding the different ways DeLillo’s novel can be perceived.

In Terry Eagleton’s book, he discusses a variety of common literary theories including structuralism, post-structuralism, and psychoanalysis. He also includes an introduction that explains what literature is and a chapter on the history of the English language. His discussions include how…

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