Who Is The Best Player Award From The Head Of Country Sport Committee?

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When I was in High school I played basketball. I was the shortest person in the whole team and yet it didn’t stop me to become the second in my category. I was told many times that basketball is not designed for me. I accepted the challenge and in 4 years I was receiving “the best player” award from the head of country sport committee. After that I completed the whole list of challenges. My next challenge is to receive Master’s degree in Clinical Trial. I became interested in Clinical Trials after noticing the importance of clinical research. The initial interest developed when I started working at clinical research organization at the administration office. Many new things I got to know from the first months of working there. I became motivated from reading articles and learning new things from my colleagues. We are in an era of specialty pharmaceuticals – new drugs and clinical trials have not only become a blossoming industry, but are also evolving each year. Research is constantly improving in clinical trials and drug development is showing outstanding results. Many pharmaceutical companies, large and small, work side by side to collaborate and develop new studies and project managers have become an essential part responsible for success in this industry. According to the Oxford Dictionary definition, a project is “an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim”. Our lives consist of a variety of…

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