Who Is The Human Psychology? Essay

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During the course of life, two of man’s prominent goals is to love, and to be loved in return. However, the dilemma that man must conquer, lies within a few questions. What is love? Where can it be found? How do you love? Whether it began with God’s initial thought of every individual, or the very first time a mother was able to cradle her creation, love has, and will always be a driving force of the human psyche. The ability to love, not only enhances a person’s will to live, but it also shapes their concept of self-love. Unfortunately, this multiplex emotion often comes at a price, and is not always easy to attain. The human psychology inevitably revolves around affection, no matter the gender, race, or region of the world. Love, or lack thereof, leads to many personality confusions and conflicts. This is evident in the main character Krebs depicted in Hemingway’s “Soldier’s Home,” the mother in Kercheval’s “Carpathia,” and the unnamed protagonist in Minot’s “Lust.” Although there are many questions as to how love drives emotions and actions, there remains no solid answer. There is no specific definition that explores the complexity in depth of how love, in a sense, can make life worthwhile, or contrarily lead to destruction. Intertwined in each short story, is an underlying theme of the love-related struggles that each character undergoes, as they confront their inner conflicts of either detachment, neglect, or just mere confusion. In 1917, Harold Krebs, the main…

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