Essay on Who Is The Victim? A Offender?

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She stated that they would be directed to outside resources like an attorney or counseling. However, Mrs. Lenz stated that the victim might sometimes be the offender. In some cases, the arrested person may call asking for help and advice and might be the actual victim. In other words, the officers may have arrested the wrong person. This could be, due to the lack of information from the parties involved. The actual victim may not explain what happened or even talk to the police, in fear of retaliation from the offender. With no witnesses or statement from the victim, the officers would have to rely on physical evidence, such as injuries.
Service Hours
I began my service hours with Mrs. Lentz, by coming in the morning and prepping domestic violence police reports and filing them. I would go through the case reports, document the victims and suspects information and synopsize the incident. This assists Mrs. Lentz for when she needs to call the victims or appear in court. The first case report that I went through listed the victim as a male that was in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. The victim stated that his girlfriend was upset that he would not get out bed and do his chores. When he refused to get out of bed, she pushed him which caused him to fall over a suitcase and hit his head. The male had scratches on his face, and his girlfriend said she pushed her boyfriend. I was surprised that the male was the victim, due to the readings from this course…

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