Who Owns Global English? Essay

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English, it is a language that has continued to captivate much of the world as it resumes its ascent in global use further into the 21st century. Blogger Dennis Baron discusses the matter to not only his readers’ but also English speakers on his 2010 article “Who Owns Global English?” in his The Web of Language blog. Baron addresses a variety of interesting stances on the impact English has on the current world and questions whether or not there really is a “pure form” of English to incline towards. Through the use of different slogans, foreign words, personal experience, and stark comparisons amongst opposition and advocates on the growth of English, Baron manages to maintain a sense of dignity in what he says and attempts to grasp readers’ to a higher level of comprehension on his argument. Baron commences his argument by addressing Madrid’s “Yes we want” campaign for public English schools by making it clear that many consider “English” to be “the new global language” (Baron 35). He then goes onto state that although English purists/critics consider the slogan “Yes, we want” as an improper English term to begin with, much of the “world” has still “joined Spain in chanting, “What do we want? English! When do we want it? Now!” (Baron 36). Emphasizing the “Yes we want” slogan and indicating the growing tension amongst purists and global advocates’ for English, Baron draws into question the meaning of ‘proper English’ as it expands beyond the boundaries of just…

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