Who 's Responsibility Is It? Essay

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2.3 Who’s Responsibility Is It Anyways?
Despite bi-partisan divides, one sentiment is constant in the U.S. climate change discourse. That is, the U.S. is not solely responsible for combating climate change; hence why the U.S. did not ratify the Kyoto Protocol, and why Secretary of State John Kerry ensured the Paris Agreement included the global south. America might “pave the way” in the fight against climate change, but according to the U.S., it is the responsibility of all nations. Obama’s statement on the Paris Climate Agreement highlights this by saying
“Because no nation, not even one as powerful as ours, can solve this challenge alone. And no country, no matter how small, can sit on the sidelines. All of us had to solve it together” (Obama, 2015).

To further illustrate, more than half (fifty-four percent) of both democrats and republicans believe that the burden of adjustment should be equally shared by both rich and poor nations. This notion is also widely supported by the American public. Only four-in-ten Americans say rich nations should do more to address climate change than developing countries, while half of U.S. respondents say developing countries should do just as much. Furthermore, fifty-four percent of people believe the global north should do more in reducing the risk of climate change, while forty percent of American believe rich countries should do more, and fifty percent of Americans believe every country should have equal standards in reducing…

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