Why Do Many Feminist Speak So Negatively About People Who Do Not Identify As A Feminist?

1038 Words Jun 29th, 2016 null Page
Why do many feminist speak so negatively about people who do not identify as a feminist, especially women? Over the amount of time I have spent on the internet over the years has been, what some would say is too much time. However it is not entirely a waste of time, I have noticed that the feminist community has shown a significant amount of hate towards anyone who doesn’t follow their ideas. Whether they disagree with some of their ideas, call themselves something else like an equalist, or they just don’t care or know about what is going on. Many of the people in the online feminist community seem to absolutely hate anyone who is not a part of their cause. In order to answer this I did a lot amount of research on the leaders of the feminist cause and the anti-feminist to see the different opinions and get some insight on the reasons why the hate may be such a big deal. The amount of mud that is flung is only increasing to and from both sides but most is coming from the feminist community.

During the research I had found that the problem is not just something as simple as a little disagreement taken too far, they have a legitimate hatred for anyone who isn’t a part of their movement. During one of the events being held a woman in the audience had asked the speakers “What are your thoughts on women against feminism?” one of the speakers had answered, almost interrupting the woman, replied with “they need to die.” The response from the audience was laughter and applause.…

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