Why Good English Is Good For You Essay examples

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In our present times our nation has created numerous forms of accents and regional terms to amass what we define as English in America. We all see the way we communicate to be justified even though we aren’t speaking our very own language in the proper form. Some people oppose this and find that if we all speak English within the proper context, we could communicate towards one another to a better extent. In “Why Good English Is Good for You,” John Simon uses anaphora, similes, personification, allusions, and rhetorical questions to convince readers of Esquire magazine that if the base aspects of our society were set up to help kids learn proper english, they would communicate more effectively and our society would benefit as a whole.
In order to drive home certain aspects of his purpose, he used anaphora. He wrote this piece towards the American public mainly to persuade people to agree with his idea that if we changed how we brought up our children, and some aspects of the education system, students may all come together in speaking the proper form of the English language. He compares speaking correctly to taking care of tools when he states, “After all we think in words, we conceptualize in words, we work out our problems inwardly with words, and using them correctly is comparable to a craftsman’s treating his tools with care, keeping his material in good shape” (Simon 334). In this quotation, we see him trying to build a likeness with words and how we use them to help…

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