Why I Am A Deaf Essay

900 Words Jul 13th, 2015 4 Pages
1. When we are talking about people who are deaf I believe many of us have misconceptions or stereotypes that unfortunately have spread due to misinformation from the public. One of the preconceptions that I had before seeing this website was that all deaf people did not want to be deaf. I believed that deaf wanted to be able to hear but many did not have the financial resources to obtain implants. To my surprise this was an inaccurate preconceptions, many deaf people actually prefer being deaf and they actually don’t like the idea of being able to hear. I also believed that deaf people were unable to drive cars. I knew that legally they were able to drive a car but I was unsure that they would able to physically drive it. Nothing about driving really requires you to be able to hear, so I am not sure why I had this preconception. The only problem I see is that they wouldn’t be able to hear emergency sounds from a police car but as the website explains there are tools which flash when such noises are heard.
2. There are many challenges that I would face when try to assist an individual that is deaf in communicating within the dominant culture. We live in a society where being deaf is seeing as a weakness or defect. We either pity them for not being able to hear or we celebrate that they are able to survive within our dominant culture. One of the challenges that I would face would be changing the way society sees deaf people and allowing them to communicate in their own way…

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