Why I Am A University Program At Indiana University At The Same Time

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I am writing to you today to ask you to please allow me to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. The reason why I am not currently meeting these standards is because I have exceeded the University’s allowed 60-semester hour limit for a single Masters degree. Now I cannot receive financial aid, which is crucial for me, as I do not have any other source to continue my studies.

First of all, had I been aware of this limit, I would have begun this process about a year ago to avoid having to go through this ordeal. The reason why I am over the allowed 60 semester hours is because I am currently pursuing two separate Masters degree programs at Indiana University at the same time.

I came to Indiana University in 2011 to pursue a Masters in Arts Administration in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. I knew from the beginning that I desired to pursue a second degree to complement this program, as I combined Music and Entrepreneurship studies in my undergraduate degree, but I did not know what at the moment. Initially I pursued a Masters in Public Affairs, but due to some extenuating health problems that occurred in the Fall semester of 2012, I was unable to continue this program.

I then set my goals on a Masters in Accounting at the Kelley School of Business. I found accounting at my very last year of my undergraduate studies and I both excelled at it and enjoyed it, but I was already in the process of applying for Graduate School and to come here to Indiana…

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