Essay about Why I Don 't Blame My Mother

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Growing up, reading and writing was never ignored, but they were also never a priority in my family. As a single mother raising three boys, my mom tried to keep them occupied the best she could, and that was through sports. I, being the only girl of course, was forced to spend long nights and days at football fields and basketball courts. As a little girl homework was always rushed through to get to four o’clock practice on time. It’s hard raising young black men in America today; therefore, I don’t blame my mother for focusing so much on my bothers and not emphasizing my poor reading and writing skills. As time went on my mother started to focus on me and my abilities and less on my brothers. My teachers noticed major learning issues I faced in class, and with the permission of my mother, placed me in Early Intervention. Early Intervention was a program that improved kids with early developmental issues with special help to fix these issues. Unlike all the other kids, twice a week I took physical and occupational therapy and most importantly, every day I took speech and hearing classes. I took my speech and hearing classes all the way until fifth grade. What I enjoyed most about my speech class was going over the alphabet and pronouncing each letter. Teachers were always there to correct my spelling, pronunciation, grammar, and even call out the correct word when reading out loud. Looking back I’m not sure if these teachers hindered me or helped me. Still to this day I…

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